Monday, February 20, 2017

Missionaries at Stake Conference

Here's for all you missionary moms and dads.  Pictures of your amazing sons and daughters after Nairobi West Stake Conference.

I obviously should have used a flash out here in the bright sunlight.  Elder Torrie, Elder Cotts, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Manu, Elder Jameson with Elder Elliott in front.  This is the only picture of Elder Elliott because when we were eating sandwiches, he and Elders Kyuvi and Muzwenje were teaching a discussion.  That's more important than food or photos.

Sister Auma, Sister Masibo, Sister Okila, Sister Shanya

Sister Atieno and Elder Musasia are both released from their missions.  So nice to see them again and happy Elder Wafula. 

Sister Atieno, Elder Musasia, Elder Wafula, and Elder Odundo (also now released) and an unknown young man who stepped into the picture.

Elder Manu and Elder Warenga

Elder Cotts and Elder Gimeyi

Elder Musonda and Elder Jameson

Elder Torrie with new senior couple Elder & Sister Jensen

Sister Msane doing her thing with the food.

President Msane and Sister Jensen sharing a laugh.

Elder Manu, Elder Wafula, Elder Warenga, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Hales

Elder Cotts, President Msane, Elder Musonda

Elder Torrie helping Sister Jensen with her phone.

I thought President Msane was tall and he is but not next to Elder Manu.

Elder & Sister Jensen, Sister Torrie, Elder Jameson, Elder Torrie

Now we've added Elder Gimeyi.

Sister Msane's delicious sandwiches

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  1. You are right! We love to see pictures of our boys!! :) thank you!! I love all of your posts, gives us a little glimpse into Kenya! Thank you for all you do!