Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tea Fields and Sugar Cane

We're always interested in anything to do with farming.  Even though we don't drink tea ourselves, we found the tea fields to be gorgeous.  The sugar cane was interesting too.  I grew up on a sugar beet farm in southern Alberta, Canada.  At harvest time there were often sugar beets on the road.  Here in Kenya, there's sugar cane on the road.  So fun to see the harvest!

The tea workers live in these small houses right next to the tea fields.

Every three days they clip off the tops of the tea plants by hand and throw them into the baskets they carry on their shoulders.

Glad to see they're wearing hats to keep off the hot sun.

This worker just arrived for his shift in the field.

I wonder how they know where they've been and where they're going.

Hard working tea picker.

The tea fields are beautiful and the little houses with their red roofs make a striking contrast.

More workers outstanding in their tea fields.

It was also sugar cane harvesting time.  These trucks loaded with fluffy sugar cane often lost some of their load on the road.  It was a treat for the cattle that often wandered on the road.

Sugar cane (in back) and tea fields (in front).

This is a very young crop of sugar cane.

Lots of loads of harvested sugar cane carried on wagons pulled by tractors.
A motorbike load of not dry sugar cane.

We love crop land!

Younger tea plants in the front.

Can't get over the beauty of the tea fields!  Interesting how they farm around the trees.

We learned that it's against the law to cut down a living tree.  That's why there are trees mixed in with the crops.  That would be hard to farm around.


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  3. Wow, beautiful! And I bet Grandpa Torrie would like that law! :) Or was it him who cut the trees down, nevermind! Haha!