Thursday, October 20, 2016

What do Cattle have in Common with Cemeteries . . . Other than C's

We often share the road with cattle.  If I put my hand out the window, I could touch the cattle.  They are definitely not afraid of noisy vehicles.  They feed on anything green beside the road and sometimes they are being herded by boys with sticks and sometimes they just roam.  I'm sure their owners find them when evening comes.

These cattle have humps on their necks, some quite huge.  They look kind of like Brahmas but I don't think they are.  But what do they have to do with cemeteries?  Well, the cattle go where there's grass to eat.  And the cemetery close to our church has lots of tall grass.  So that's where the cattle go. 

So interesting to see cattle in the city.  We see them so often that I forget to take pictures.  This time I was trying for a picture of their humps.  Some of the pictures turned out.  If you look closely, you can see the hump.

This picture was through the window.

I'm getting better at taking candids!  These cattle don't have very big humps.

But look at this hump. Isn't that cool?

We drive past this forlorn cemetery every Sunday.  It's absolutely huge and looks like no one cares about it.

LeRon and I and our daughters love to walk through cemeteries.  We've seen cemeteries in countries all over the world.  This is the first one we've seen that looks unkempt.  Someone told us that this is where they bury people with no family but I don't believe it because I've seen groups of people gathered here for burials,

And some of the plots look cared for.  But many don't.

We've seen this on several head stones:  sunrise and sunset, rather than born and died.  Cool!

Someone obviously had enough money to build a little building over this grave, maybe to protect it from cattle.

Our son Craig wants to have a mausoleum for his grave.  These little buildings are kind of cool.

This grave is definitely protected from grazing cattle.

Gorgeous Jacaranda tree here in the cemetery with its purple flowers.

And here are the cattle peacefully grazing in the cemetery!

Outside the cemetery, people walk on the dirt paths.  The women carry all kinds of things on their heads!  How do they do it?


  1. So funny to see the cattle in the middle of the city! Does it get pretty yucky or do they clean up after then pretty regularly? Those brick streets look pretty clean in these pictures. And what a gorgeous people tree in that cemetery!

  2. Ahh, I was trying to be quick on my new phone with the kids climbing all over me... *Them and *purple

  3. I remember seeing cattle roaming in Butte, MT, my earliest memory of that place. Don't see that anymore! People tree, eh, Michelle--now that is a novel idea for a cemetery! :o)

  4. Cemeteries are really interesting! Can't wait to see it! Love the cattle. They look different from cows in the west.