Saturday, October 15, 2016

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday every October.  Since we always have Monday night Family Home Evening with the Mission President and the missionary Assistants, we decided to turn it into a Thanksgiving Dinner.  My kitchen is teeny-tiny so you can only imagine the work of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings for 11 people.

Cooking in a different country is an interesting experience at the best of times.  Ingredients are different, even when they are the same brands as at home.  And many products you simply can't get so you have to improvise.  The altitude makes a difference in how fast things cook too.  Recipes seem to work differently.  So it was a challenge to throw together a Thanksgiving Dinner.  But we did it and it was delicious and we had a lot of fun.  In fact one senior missionary who will remain unnamed said it was the most delicious meal he'd had since he came on his mission.

After dinner, we laughed and talked and a had a great time.  Then we each told about things we are grateful for and it turned into a spiritual feast as we shared our thoughts and feelings.  We ended the evening by some joining with us to sing "O Canada."

I'm grateful to be a Canadian but I'm also thankful for my American roots (my Dad and both my Mom's parents were born in the US -- my Dad came to Canada when he was 2 and didn't know for many years that he was American) and for my Pilgrim ancestors (10 of them came to America on the Mayflower way back when).   And I'm so glad I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that I am on this mission in the good land of Kenya.

L-R:  Sister K (returning home from her mission), Sister Msane, President Msane, Sister & Elder Ford, Sister & Elder Lyman, with Elder Torrie worshiping the ground his wife walks on!!  The missionary Assistants came a little later so missed the pre-dinner photo.


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