Sunday, October 9, 2016

Acronyms -- the Missionaries at the MLC

There are a lot of acronyms in our Church.  LDS (Latter-day Saint), MTC (Missionary Training Center), IFR (In-field representative who is a go-between between the Areas and the General Authorities), ZC (Zone Conference), ZL (Zone Leader), STL (Sister Training Leader), etc. etc. etc.

An MLC (missionary leader council) is held regularly in the mission so ZL's and STL's can be taught and trained and can counsel together and take the information back to the Elders and Sisters in their zones (their areas of responsibility).

Just thought of another acronym.  When Elder & Sister Harline and Elder Torrie and I were sent to South Africa for training prior to the Harlines going to Ethiopia and Elder T and I coming here to Kenya, we were overwhelmed with the number of acronyms in use at the Africa South East Area Office.  We were continually bewildered.  So Sister Harline labeled us the GPS, meaning the "Guinea-Pig Seniors" since we and the Harlines were the first senior missionaries to receive training in Johannesburg.  By the way, we really enjoyed the few days we spent there, learning about the scope of missionary work here in Africa.

Here we are at the MLC.  Tall missionaries!  Elder Wafula and Elder Hales (who are the AP's -- the Assistants to the President; we have been instructed not to call them AP's but to call them Assistants), Elder Warenga, Elder Pavik.

The MLC was held at the Mission Home with Sister Msane cooking up a storm for the hungry missionaries.  Thankfully she loves to cook and cooks yummy food with her South African curry powders.

Beautiful weather and hungry missionaries go hand in hand.  Elder _____, Elder Muzwenje, Elder Kyuvi, Sister Ndonga, Sister Were, Sister Atieno.

Elder _____, Elder Mwaja, Elder ________, Elder Lotulelei, Elder ________.  I will have the Assistants help me to put names on these missionaries.  I don't know them all since many of them are stationed far from Nairobi.

Another view of the same table.

The sun is shining very brightly.  I should have turned on the flash.  Elder Hales, Elder Rasmussen, and Elder Pavik.

Lunch is over.  Back to the work of counseling together.


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