Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another Birthday Boy

This time, it's our second son, Craig's birthday.  38 years old!  Wow.  What happened to the years?  So glad he was sent to us from his heavenly pre-earth life.   He has been a joy to raise and we enjoy him just as much as an adult.  Happy Birthday dear son!

Craig had eye surgery when he was 2 years old.  His eye turned in and they needed to cut the muscle a bit to straighten it.  When he came out of surgery, he had bandages on both eyes even though the surgery was only on one eye.  And he had straight-jacket type things on both his arms so he wouldn't pick at the bandages.  He was such a brave little guy.

His first words to me were "I can't see."  He wasn't upset, just stating a fact.  I explained that he wouldn't be able to see until the next day and that the bandages needed to stay on to protect his eye until tomorrow.

When it was time to eat, the nurse told me to feed Craig since he couldn't bend his elbows to get the spoon to his mouth.  Craig was really offended at this idea.  He held out his arms.  "Take these things off," he said.  I told him that no, he had to leave them on so he wouldn't pick at his bandages.  He said, "I won't pick at the bandages.  Take these things off."

So to the nurse's horror, I took the arm-things off.  He sat and ate his food and then got down to play with toys.  He never picked at his bandages and he never complained about not being able to see.  Wow.  The nurses were so impressed and so was I.  He was so brave.  And only two years old!

Happy Birthday Craig!

We were in awe of another baby sent from Heavenly Father.  Tiny cute little thing!

Here I am in the Bow Island Hospital with new-born Craig.  His hair was so blond that you could hardly see it but it was definitely there.  Later on it turned almost white and then back to blond and then turned into a very dark blond.  So interesting how their hair color can change.

LeRon and Michael were pretty excited to have a new baby too.

One baby takes all of your time and two babies take all of your time too.  I was more relaxed as a new mother this time and consequently, Craig was a more relaxed baby.  Other than the worry over a couple of hernia surgeries and then his eye surgery when he was two, I found him a pretty easy-going baby.

"Coochy-coo.  Smile for the camera, little sweetie."

Brothers -- one blond and one dark.  Sometimes I caught Michael hitting Craig as he sang "I love brother, he loves me, we are a happy family!"

My Mom and Dad (Grandpa and Grandma Conrad) were enthralled with another grandson.

Doesn't Craig look cute in his little suit?

Grandma Torrie always had a lot of fun with her grandchildren.  Craig and Michael are definitely enjoying it!

Craig had a BIG laugh.  You could see his tonsils!!!


  1. Haha! Oh my goodness, I'd forgotten the "I love brother he loves me" *pound pound pound* story.

  2. Glad they finally became friends. Ha ha. Michael loved Craig fiercely when Craig was a baby!

  3. Aw! I love the baby pictures. Sure love Craig!

  4. Craig is such an awesome individual! And a cute, cute baby. How I adored my little nephews! And I still adore them!