Sunday, October 9, 2016

Flowers and Missionaries at General Conference

General Conference happens twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah and is broadcast all around the world.  We hear the word of the Lord from our prophet, President Monson, and from the Apostles and other brethren and sisters of the leading councils of the church.  It's a spiritual feast.

Because of the time difference, we watched Conference this past weekend, instead of the weekend before when it took place in SLC.  We always enjoy seeing what the weather is like in SLC (another acronym!  See my post on Acronyms).  When we have snow in Alberta, it's usually lovely fall weather in SLC.

Here in Nairobi we have beautiful weather too.  The days are getting very warm but it still cools down at night, which makes it very lovely.  Right now the Jacaranda trees are blooming everywhere.  The pinky-purple flowers open shortly before the leaves.  Trees that I thought were dead are coming to life.  And the scent is heavenly!  They remind me somewhat of our lilac trees back home.

It was so nice to watch General Conference with many members of the Nairobi West Stake and also with our wonderful missionaries.  Pictures of flowers first, then the missionaries.

We had a half hour drive to the Upper Hill Chapel to watch conference.  So many beautiful Jacaranda trees on the way.  You can also see the Marabou Storks that continually nest in the acacia trees.

Gorgeous blossoms give off a heavenly scent.  These trees are natives of Brazil.  How did they get to Kenya?
Coconuts and Jacaranda blossoms.

Close-up of the lovely pinky-purple blossoms of the Jacaranda tree.  You can see that the leaves are just trying to pop.  The blossoms are gradually falling off.

Saturday session missionaries: Elder Manu, Elder Musonda, Elder Noel, Elder Vidonyi, Elder Emmanuel, Elder Egbert, grey-haired Elder Torrie.

Elder Manu, Elder Musonda, Elder Noel, a young future Kenyan missionary, Elder Vidonyi, not-grey-haired Sister Torrie, Elder Emmanuel, Elder Egbert.

Elder Torrie and I brought home made cookies and apples and oranges to feed the hungry missionaries after the Sunday sessions.  L-R: Elder Egbert, Elder Wafula, Elder Muzwenje, Elder Kyuvi, Elder Vidonyi, Sister & Elder Torrie, Elder Manu, Elder Hales, Elder Musonda, with Sister Ndonga kneeling in front and Sister Gondwe to the right and in front,

Elder Noel didn't make it into the group picture (nor did his companion, Elder Emmanuel), so I grabbed Elder Noel and gave him a grandmotherly hug.  He's a great missionary.


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