Sunday, August 21, 2016


The physical fitness center in our compound is coming.  They said it's almost done but it looks far from done to me.  They brought in another huge pile of cement blocks.  I watched workers heft a block on their shoulders and carry it over to the building.  What a lot of manual labor.  Enlarge the picture to see the cool homemade ladder.

This shows how cold it is here.  Elder Arudo needs a scarf to work in the office!

Here's LeRon at home studying his scriptures.

I bought an electric mixer which I was excited to try.  But it was quite disappointing.  Could almost make 1 1/2 loaves of bread!  I'm having a hard time making bread here.  The flour is very different.  The bread tastes good but the grain isn't fine like it is at home.

I took this photo from afar.  I think their brooms are cool.  Just a long branch from a tree with dried grasses tied on to it.  It works well for sweeping large areas.  I've even seen people sweeping the dirt in front of their shops with a broom like this.

The neighbor kids are still popping over to play on the piano.  They call us "the music people".

I find their hair fascinating!

This is the "mosquito racket" we bought from a hawker on the street.  They sell them in stores too.  They are electric.  You plug them in and charge the battery.  Then when a mosquito comes buzzing, you just swat it and "zap" it's gone!  Works very well.

About once a week, we go out for dinner.  Tamambo's is a lovely place.

This dish is called "Kachos" and is the Kenyan version of nachos.  Very tasty.  Arrowroot and potato crisps with tomatoes, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.  It was delicious.

Our favorite meal is salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies.  We've learned to share.  They divide our meal into two plates and it's the perfect amount for us.

I absolutely love the bottle brush tree blossoms.  They really do look like bottle brushes.

A fully loaded bottle brush tree is magnificent, especially with the sun shining through the blossoms (not like in this photo!)

Our lovely Langata Chapel.  It's for sure the first chapel built in Kenya and some say it's the first in East Africa.