Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Can My First-born be 40?

Time flies on wings of lightning . . . We cannot call it back . . . It comes, then passes forward, along its onward track . . .

My first-born is 40!  How did it happen?
I made banana bread for Michael's birthday.  But since he's not here in Kenya, I gave it to the Assistants, with whom we work on a regular basis.  Here's Elder Wafula and Elder Arudo with the sign and the bread.  Elder Arudo says it's cold enough to wear a scarf.  He's a "scarf-man" like Elder Torrie!

At home I usually put up a birthday sign and the birthday person's baby pictures.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful son!

Note the two computer screens.  It was Michael who got me on to using two screens.  So nice to have had such excellent training from a computer-expert.  Michael has been programming computers since he was 5 years old!


  1. Nice! Banana bread is always a good idea. I should make some, as I have a bunch of overripe bananas in my freezer!

  2. I was glad I got to see Michael the day before his birthday! He sure is a wonderful person, my first little nephew!

  3. I wish I had a freezer to freeze over-ripe bananas in! xxoxx