Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Missionaries Always Make for A Happy Day

We welcomed our seven new missionaries today.  They all stayed at the Mission Home.  With all the new bunk beds at the Mission Home, they can sleep 14 missionaries plus the president and his wife.  It's a fun, homey atmosphere to bring new missionaries to.

We oriented them, and gave them some training.  So great to see the excitement of these young missionaries.  They bring youth but they also bring exuberance for life and strong testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They will be great ambassadors for Christ here in Kenya and also in Tanzania.
Sister Msane is giving two new Elders, Elder Noel and Elder Cox, some medical training:  Don't drink the water.  Take your doxycycline to prevent Malaria.  Wash your fruits and vegetables in bleach water and then rinse in filtered water.  Use mosquito repellant.  Use sunscreen, especially since the doxy tends to make you sunburn more.  Lots of good advice.

Sister Ndonga and Sister Gondwe will be companions for the next six weeks.  Sister Gondwe is brand new.  Don't they have beautiful smiles?

And here is Elder Otika, Elder Mwaja and Elder Butters.  Elder Butters is brand new.

Elder Wafula (on right) is one of the President's Assistants and he helped with the training.  What's with that funny look, Elder Wafula?  Are you mad at me?

Elder Arudo and Elder Wafula, being the Assistants to the President, helped out with the training.  They are great missionaries!  They will make strong leaders of the church in Kenya in the coming years.

Black and white Elders with the Kenyan flag.  Don't tell anyone that I thought it was a lady bug on the flag.  But actually it is a tribal shield and spears.  They told me the meaning of the colors but I can't remember right now.  Trainer Elder Emmanuel with new Elder Noel; new Elder Cox with trainer Elder Mwaja.

More black and white and beautiful smiles.  Elder Musonda, Elder Otika, Sister Gondwe, Sister Ndong'a, Elder Egbert.

Fun to be together!  Elder Egbert, Elder Covarrubias, Elder Muthiani, Elder Cox, Elder Mwaja.

This is the whole group -- the President and his wife, the Assistants, the new missionaries and their seven trainers.  Oh and Elder Torrie is in there too.  I'm taking the picture.  L-R front:  Elder Wafula, Elder Egbert, Elder Musonda, President Msane, Sister Ndong'a, Sister Gondwe, Elder Covarrubias with Elder Mwaja helping to hold the flag, Elder Muthiani, Elder Akpu, Sister Msane; Back L-R: Elder Butters, blond Elder Cotts, Elder Noel, Elder Cox, Elder Emmanuel.  In very back: Elder Otika and Elder Torrie.

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