Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Happy Sabbath, a Lovely Baptism, and more Baboons

Last Sunday we participated in a baptism in our Langata Branch.  Gloria, a sweet little 8-year old in our Primary was baptized.  Children of members are baptized at the age of 8, which is the age of accountability.  Baptism is by immersion as it was in the days of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ.  Remember what it says in Matthew, that Jesus came up out of the water?   Even the word "baptism" comes from a Greek word meaning "to immerse."  Because the Langata Branch meets in a regular meetinghouse, it has its own baptismal font (unlike in most branches where they use a big metal trough outside).

On the way home we again saw baboons.  There were about 6 baboons playing on the sidewalk and people were walking unconcernedly among them.  Oh for a picture!  Why didn't we stop?  There was no traffic behind us.  But it's normally a very busy road so we didn't even think of stopping.  Then we turned around and went back and the baboons were gone.  There were more later, but not on the sidewalk among the people.  Pictures below.

A happy family after Gloria's baptism.  L-R: Brother (can't remember his name), sister Hope, Gloria, mother Mercy.

The baptismal font is behind those doors.  Gloria is in front, her sister Hope behind her and her mother and brother and a relative and on the right is Andrew Kiserema, a counselor in the branch presidency.  Gloria's mother, Mercy Makau, is a Captain in the Kenya School of Flying and is a passionate Air Scout Leader (in Kenya Boy Scouts).  They have land, air, and sea Scouts here in Kenya.  Google for "Mercy Scouts Kenya" and you will learn more about Scouting in Kenya.  Gloria is also an Air Scout.

Elder Torrie played the keyboard for the baptismal program.  Here we are with Gloria after her baptism.  I was so surprised to see the beads she was wearing.  She looked just like an American Indian to me.  I asked her mom about it and she said that they belong to the Masai Tribe and this is traditional Masai bead work.

Gloria is enthusiastic about everything.  She's learning to lead the singing.

Now for the baboon pictures.  This baboon is much bigger than the ones that were playing on the sidewalk amongst the people.  But it was still very close to the road.

Don't you think it looks majestic?  I think this must be the Dad.

Now here is the Mom.  If you look closely you can see that her baby is hanging under her.  The pink spots on her bottom are supposedly to make it more comfortable for her to sit (or so the scientific people say: I don't think anyone has asked her!)  I would think it would be more comfortable to sit on a nice furry cushion.

As soon as the Mom saw us, she started running into the trees so this picture is a bit blurry.  But you can see her baby clinging to her.


  1. My first comment! I think in Canada the equivalent to the Air Scouts would be the Air Cadets.

  2. It's not quite the same as Air Cadets. The Air Scouts in Kenya are affiliated with the worldwide Scout movement. Lord Baden Powell lived for a few years here in Kenya and died and was buried here.