Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wheelchairs for Those in Need

The Church is involved in many humanitarian projects.  One of these projects is to donate wheelchairs to those in need.  This particular project in Nairobi was not only to give wheelchairs but to train Kenyans how to measure someone for a wheelchair and how to put them together and maintain them.

The wheelchair needs to fit the person.  Those watching are learning how to fit the chairs and how to maintain them.

Sister Jensen (one of our senior couples who works with LDS Charities) is visiting with a young man who is excited to get a new chair.

This wheelchair belonged to one of the patrons who came to get a new one donated by the Church.  The person certainly needed a new one!

Wheelchairs are given to those in need regardless of their religious affiliation.  This young woman was born with a growth on her neck that has paralyzed her and it is getting worse.  She's waiting to be fitted for her own wheelchair.

Notice this man's foot.  It is growing completely backwards.  He's excited to get a wheelchair bike.

Look at that smile!  So thankful to be able to be mobile!  He usually crawls on the floor because of his foot.

And here's another man who has been given a wheelchair bicycle.  He had fun learning to handle it.

Elder and Sister Petersen have been here for 18 months helping with many LDS Charities projects.
And then on the way home, we see not wheelchair bicycles but motorbikes.  These are motorbike taxis and delivery bikes.  I bet they're happy to have motorbikes instead of walking and carrying their loads on their heads!

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  1. I hope this will work for my comment. I don't remember if I had already mentioned it but when I saw you have Elder Jameson I remembered my trainer in Spokane in the North Western States Mission in 1966 was Elder Max Jameson from Columbia Missouri (or Maybe he spelled it Jamison)