Sunday, March 19, 2017

"We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth"

The drought is getting more severe, even here in Nairobi.  When the wind blows, the leaves sound brittle like they do at home in the fall.  Leaves are yellowing and many trees look sick.  This morning on the way to church, we passed a herd of the scrawniest cattle we've seen so far.  We often see their ribs but today they looked sunken and like they could keel over at any minute.  There are more cattle in the city now as their herders bring them in to find a bit of grass and green foliage on the sides of the roads.  We were out of the city yesterday and the grasslands were very brown.  Thankfully Nairobi got a downpour when we were gone but the soil is so dry that it sank right in, not even leaving mud, unlike last year when there were rivers of water running down the sides of the streets.  But every little bit helps.  It's time to petition the Lord for rain.

We had a lovely experience Wednesday night after the MLC (Missionary Leader Council).  Sister Msane cooked a delicious supper for all the missionaries and we helped to clean up afterward.  Then Elder Torrie, as he is wont to do, started playing the piano.  The missionaries gathered round and we had an hour of singing everyone's favorite hymn or Primary song.  President and Sister Msane joined in and there was a good, warm feeling in the room.  There is nothing like music to touch the soul.

Many of the African missionaries, including President and Sister Msane, are converts to the church and so never had the opportunity to attend Primary and to learn all the wonderful Primary songs.  We've purchased more Children's Songbooks for the Mission Home so now these missionaries are learning some of the favorites, such as "We Are As the Army of Helaman."  When the missionaries belt that song out, with Elder Torrie doing his fancy stuff on the piano, it sends chills through me.  The spirit is strong as they sing, "We will be the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth."  These missionaries will make strong leaders of the church here in Africa.

Elder Torrie and Elder Rasmussen share a birthday -- March 15.  Sister Msane baked a cake and I brought a cake too.  Happy Birthday Elders!

Who has the most hot air?  I believe it is Elder Rasmussen!  He blew it out before Elder Torrie could even think of doing it! 

My fellow Albertan, Elder Le Cheminant, Elder Hales, Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Merritt.  All great missionaries!
Elder Wafula, Elder Wambua, Elder Mwashi

Elder Agesa is quite a card.  Always making us laugh.  Here he's toasting Elder Ellis with a cup of water.

I told Elder Agesa I would be afraid to meet him in a dark alley!!  He makes the most unusual faces with his big eyes.  He really is a very funny person.

Elder Mahanzu is serving in Mwanza, Tanzania but we get to see him monthly at MLC's.

Elder Hales never knew that being an Assistant to the President involving doing so many dishes.  He's always at the sink helping to clean up.
Elder Wafula, Elder Wambua, Elder Mwashi and Elder Muzwenje.  But if you look closely, Elder Mwashi and Elder Muzwenje have switched name tags just to fool me.

They call themselves the Kalongo Elders.  I think maybe because they all served at one time in Kalongo but not at the same time.  Elder Mahanzu, Elder Soita, Elder Wafula, Elder Wambua, Elder Mwashi, Elder _____, Elder Muzwenje

Elder Le Cheminant enjoying Sister Msane's good cooking.  But next time, Elder Le Cheminant will do the cooking.  Sister Msane is getting tired of cooking so is planning to assign it out.  Elder Le Cheminant is excited to cook next month.

Elder Hales, Elder Ellis, Elder Agesa, Elder Lotulelei
Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Pavik

Elder Soita and Elder Wambua having fun

Had to get a picture of me with my Kazuri beads and my lovely zebras.

If you look closely at this picture you'll see that the car is full of hay!!!

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  1. Glad you are teaching the missionaries the primary songs! They are the BEST!