Wednesday, March 8, 2017

MLC and March Arrivals

Missionaries love to get together.  The MLC (Missionary Leader Council) and the Arrivals Dinner was a great opportunity.  So here are photos of your missionaries for you moms and dads out there.

Elder Hales, Elder Torrie, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis, Elder Musonda, Elder Pavik, Elder Ngabonziza

Ha ha.  Elder Agesa is so funny!  Actually, they are all very fun people to associate with.

What is Elder Agesa doing?!

Elder Pavik, Elder Musonda, Elder Agesa and new Elder Ngele.

On right are Elder Wafula and Elder Le Cheminant (our fellow Albertan). 

Lovely Sisters Maina and Omo -- the only two sister missionaries at the MLC.

Elder Merritt and Elder Le Cheminant

I had no idea Elder Agesa was so funny until this evening.  He's showing off his Kentucky Fried Chicken and Sister Msane's delicious salads.

Elder Ellis, Elder Pavik, Elder Rasmussen
New Elder Shongwe, new Elder Ngele, Elder Ngabonziza, Elder Musonda, new Elder Ncube, Sister Maina

Elder Rasmussen, Elder Mahanzu, ?, ?, Elder Ellis, Elder Pavik

Sister Maina, Sister Omo, ?, ?, Elder Wafula, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Muzwenje.  I can't see the others because their faces are too dark.  Sad.  I should have done this right away before I forgot!
Elder Mahanzu, Elder Ngabonziza, Elder Agesa, Elder Ellis

"Are you going to eat the bone, Elder Wafula?"

Elder Merritt, Elder Hales, Elder Le Cheminant

Elder Musonda has glasses now.  Can you see better to eat your chicken?

Elder Mwashi washing dishes

Elder Torrie's job is always to scoop the ice cream.  He even bought a better ice cream scoop so as to do it better.  But these are the teeniest cones I've ever seen.  They don't hold much.  Ice cream cones are not common here in Kenya.

Elder Muzwenje, Elder Shongwe, Elder Ngele

I'm going to need help in labelling these pictures.  ?, ?, Elder Wafula, Elder Lotulelei

After dinner and after clean-up, the Msanes went to the airport to pick up Elder Breidenbaugh and so all the missionaries gathered round to sing hymns.  It was a heavenly experience to hear them sing "Ye Elders of Israel" and "As Sisters in Zion" and "Called to Serve."

New Elder Ngele (on left) and Elder Mahanzu (middle) look like they could be brothers but they are not even related. New Elder Ncube is on right.

We've often had sing-alongs at the mission home but this time everyone sang.  We sang for an hour and it was an amazing experience as missionaries chose songs to sing.  Even those that don't particularly like to sing joined it.  It was good for the soul and a great uplift to Elder Torrie and me.

Ah . . . at last a picture to show that I was there too.  I'm singing here with Sister Omo.


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