Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Farewell Part I

Saying farewell to the sisters who are serving in the Langata Branch where we attend church.  Sister Ziribaggwa's name tag says Ziribagwa but it is actually spelled with two "g"'s.  Names are important to me and I like to get things right but somehow her name on her passport is spelled wrong but that's the spelling the church uses.

Sister Dhaima, Sister Torrie, Sister Ziribaggwa

Elder and Sister Torrie with Peggy of the Langata Branch.  Peggy has been taking piano lessons from Elder Torrie and she's doing great.  She practices and that makes all the difference.  One day she will be accompanying hymns in sacrament meeting.

Here we are with Langata Branch members Peggy and Sharon.  Sharon was the Primary president that we worked with but on our last Sunday, she was released and Peggy was called as the new Primary president.  We will miss these sweet sisters.

Elder Torrie with Joseph Poche and other members of the Langata Branch.

On our last Sunday night, we had President and Sister Msane over for food and visiting, along with the two new couples, the Sutherlands and the Shurtliffs.

I love to take candids of President and Sister Msane!

Aren't the Msanes a sweet couple?

Elder and Sister Sutherland are replacing us in the office and they will live in our flat.

Elder and Sister Shurtliff are the new couple who have been assigned to serve in the Dar Es Salaam office which is a satellite office from our Nairobi office.

Our last Sunday in our cute little flat. 

Elder Torrie and Elder Limu

Elder Limu and Elder Mlambo

Elder Mlambo and Elder Ncube

Elder Warenga and Elder Rasmussen

Elder Mukengela and Elder Warenga

Elder Lotulelei

Elder Akpu

Elder Wambua and Elder Torrie

Elder Wambua

Elder Muthiani

Sister Shanya and Elder Sutherland

Elder Akpu and Elder & Sister Shurtliff

Sister Sutherland and Elder Ellis doing dishes.  Good job, Elder Ellis!

Sister Msane and Elder Agesa

Sister Msane and Elder Agesa

Sister Msane happy to have a new big fridge and freezer (side by side combination).  Just right for feeding the crowds that she regularly feeds.  Elder Torrie suggested she buy it and she did.  She says Elder Torrie has lots of good ideas.

Elder Agesa and Elder Lotulelei

Elder Agesa and Elder Lotulelei

Elder Agesa, Sister Msane and Elder Lotulelei

Elder Agesa and Elder Lotulelei

ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY!!! from part of the ENERGY team, thanks to Mr. Energy -- Elder Agesa!  L-R: Elder Ellis, Elder Agesa, Elder Lotulelei

Elder Wambua and Elder Mwashi writing in each others' journals.

Elder Muthiani and Elder Wambua.  "Ha . . . I saw you taking that picture!"

Elder Agesa, Elder Muthiani, Elder Akpu, Elder Lotulelei

Elder Torrie training Elder Shurtliff in a few duties.

"If you do it like that . . . then this will happen.  Better to do it like this."

Singing time at the mission home

Missionaries love to sing hymns or Primary songs and Elder Torrie loves to accompany.  Nice that Elder Torrie's replacement, Elder Sutherland, also plays piano and has directed choirs his whole life. 

Elder & Sister Shurtliff will leave the next day to start their responsibilities in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

And Elder and Sister Sutherland have already started their duties in the Nairobi office.

Elder Agesa and Elder Akpu

Sister Shanya came on her mission two days after we did so we all grew up together. 

Now it's time for all the returning missionaries to bear their testimonies.  Elder Akpu, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Agesa are all going home tomorrow.

Elder Muthiani and Elder Wambua are also going home after having served for two years.

Sister Shanya served for 18 months as do all young sister missionaries.

Here we are:  the November 2017 departing missionaries.  Hard to think this time has come already.  L-R: Sister Torrie, Elder Torrie, Elder Agesa, Elder Muthiani, Elder Wambua, Elder Akpu, Sister Shanya, Elder Lotulelei.

Departing missionaries now joined by President and Sister Msane.

Mission T-shirts and plaques

No looking back.  Go forward.  On and on to the victory.

This was a bittersweet evening for Elder Torrie and me

Elder Agesa and President Msane

Elder Akpu and President Msane

Ha ha.  So funny.  Elder Akpu FINALLY received his Residency Card (his Alien Card AKA Foreigner Certificate) the day before he left Kenya.  We tried really hard to get it for him but things kept getting mixed up at Immigration.  It makes a nice souvenir anyway.

Elder and Sister Shurtliff with Andrew Kiserema at Langata Chapel.  Can't remember the story but seems that Andrew served with one of the Shurtliff's sons on their missions.  I know the Shurtliffs will remember the story.


  1. Oh fun to see more pictures and hear about your last days there! I've missed your posts! :)

  2. energetic kenya nairobi mission

    1. Ah . . . I get it . . . those fists mean ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY. I should have clued in, Mr. Energy-Man!! Love ya lots!!!