Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nairobi Zone Conference November

Missionaries gather quarterly for Zone Conference to learn from their Mission President.  It's a day of learning, visiting, and eating.  Here are pictures from the Nairobi Zone Conference that includes Nairobi, Naivasha, and Kilungu Hills.   I'm much too tired tonight to put captions so I'll let that go for another day.

Today was Elder Egbert's birthday.  Sister Msane presented him with a cupcake and candle and we all sang Happy Birthday. Here in Kenya they add a couple more verses to the normal happy birthday song.  Kind of crazy words.  I'll have to learn them.  Sister Msane often sings Happy Birthday to the missionaries in Zulu but she didn't this time.

Birthday boy, Elder Egbert and Elder Ellis

Sister Were, Sister ________, Sister Gondwe.

Sister Kiio, Elder Agesa, Elder Emmanuel

Elder Noel, Elder Covarrubias, Elder Egbert

Elder Kyuvi, Elder Pavik, Elder Muzwenje

Elder Ellis, Elder Manu, Elder Butters ?, Elder McGrath

Sister Ndonga

Elder Limu, Elder Musonda, Elder Mwaja

Elder Mugele, Elder Limu

Elder Wafula, Elder Chanani, Elder Cox

Elder Otika, Elder Ochieng, Elder Hales

Elder & Sister Lyman and Sister Petersen

Elder & Sister Lyman (Self-Reliance missionaries)

Elder & Sister Ford (Public Affairs)

Sister & Elder Petersen (LDS Charities)

Elder & Sister Torrie (office)


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