Monday, November 21, 2016

First Look at Tanzania

We flew into Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania Friday evening.  You pronounce Dar Es Salaam like "Jerusalem" only with a "D" instead of a "J."  I won't attempt to tell you how to pronounce Tanzania since people say it so differently.  Elder & Sister Jones, who have only been here a month, picked us up at the airport.  They are adapting very well.  And interesting thing . . . Elder Jones and Elder Torrie were in the same mission in Japan in their younger years!!  Fun to hear . . . "do you remember eating  . . ." and to hear a smattering of Japanese.  And even more interesting, their fathers also served in the same mission as young men although not at the same time.

I need to tell you about a funny sign I saw in the Nairobi airport AFTER we had cleared security.  I wanted to take a picture but didn't dare.  The sign said, "If you have firearms, spear guns, or harpoons in your luggage, see an agent."  How funny is that?!

We are staying near the Jones's in a house -- yes, a real house not an apartment -- that the church rents.  It's not like home but nearer home than an apartment is.  Senior couples lived here when there were more of them but we are down to only 7 right now in the two countries.  Senior couples are desperately needed.

Love these fan palms!!!!

All palm trees are interesting to us.  Where we live in southern Alberta, it's very hard to get trees to grow at all.  Around our house on the farm we have planted and re-planted and re-planted.  Very hard for trees to flourish in our windy, cold climate.  I love trees.

Tractors in Tanzania!!  Fun!

The Jones's are making sure that each missionary companionship receives a microwave oven.  Elder Christensen is happy to get one! 

Elder Odhiambo and Elder Christensen stay in one of the nicer apartments in our mission.  Tanzanian building standards appear to be higher than in Kenya; housing is also cheaper.

Elder Christensen and Sister Jones sharing a laugh.  So good to have senior couples near the junior missionaries.  Gives stability and a little taste of home.  Elder & Sister Jones are doing a great job taking care of the missionaries and working in the satellite office here in Dar.

I was happy to see both missionaries but Elder Christensen is particularly my "baby" because he stayed with us on his first night here in the mission when he was new and a little culture-shocked!  We were pretty new too.  He's doing great!

These Tanzanian men are just as strong as the Kenyan men.  In Kenya, I only saw women carrying things on their head, but here in Tanzania, men do it too.

Loading the trash on trash day.

Cute kids, eh?

More street scenes.  Pretty similar to what we see in Kenya.

Now that they got their microwave, Elder Mlambo and Elder Christensen (two on the left) are off to share the gospel.

Strong Tanzanian woman!

John helps the Jones's with missionary immigration in Tanzania.  He just got back from Johannesburg, South Africa where he attended the temple.  He flew this time but the last two times he took a bus -- four days there and four days back (without an overnight stop).  If you could see the buses, you would know it's not a pleasant trip.  But John says it was never a sacrifice.  He was so happy to have been able to attend the temple.

Elder Mlambo and Elder Mboya with Sister Jones.  It's sizzling hot today.

Sister Jones brought them several things they need for their apartment.  Elder Mboya is demonstrating how you carry things on your head.  I don't think he could carry that bucket for too long.  He needs a hat to keep the bucket on his head.

The church building here in Kinondoni, Tanzania (an area of Dar Es Salaam) is very lovely.  Well taken care of too.

Saturday afternoon, LeRon spent time training the district and branch clerks.

Here we are at the Indian Ocean for the first time!  Hot, hot hot!!!


  1. Loved this and love you! So happy to read about your experiences!

  2. So fun to see! Thanks for posting, I know it's a lot of work!

  3. Glad it's not so hot in Kenya for you! How fun that they get to be in a house. Mom, you look so young. :)