Saturday, November 5, 2016

12 New Missionaries

We welcomed 12 new missionaries last week.  They came from Canada, the US, England, Zambia and one came from Kenya who was awaiting his visa to Zimbabwe.  We had KFC and Sister Msane's delicious salads.  I made brownies which are always a treat for the American/Canadians.  Elder Torrie and I processed all the missionaries and gave them training on safety and finances.  So fun to feel the energy of new missionaries before they actually "hit the field" and then reality sets in.

Some of the missionary moms are following my blog so I've put a lot of pictures in for their benefit.  Hopefully I got everyone in in the candids.  I've enjoyed communicating with several of the mothers and it was fun to finally meet their sons!  First some group pictures and then the candids.  

L-R: Elder Fraga, Elder Mortezazadeh (I can actually say his name now -- it's pretty cool), Elder Munyariri, Elder Merz, Elder Josiah (in dark suit -- waiting for his visa to Zimbabwe which actually came two days later), Elder Call, Elder Christensen, Elder Wilson (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- yeah for a fellow Canuck!), Elder Brown, Elder Mortensen, Elder Harrott, Elder Carlson; Sister and President Msane in front.  It was great to meet them all.  They are fine young men.

Now here are the 12 new missionaries with their 11 trainers and President and Sister Msane.  The new mission home works very well for housing the new missionaries for a couple of nights and doing a day of training with them.  It's a very homey home and the missionaries love it.
I'm always taking pictures so I never get to be in the pictures.  So here I am with Sister Msane and our wonderful new missionaries.  It's amazing how you feel love for people you never knew before.  But because they are here serving the Lord, you feel an immediate bond with them.

Now for the candids.  Elder Torrie of course goes right for the piano.  Lots of the new missionaries and trainers joined him as they sang rousing renditions of Primary songs.  So cool to hear "We are as the Army of Helaman."
Most of the candids I took of the missionaries singing didn't turn out.  There were about 15 of them.  Missionaries I mean.  So fun!

Elder Mortezazadeh, Elder Munyariri, Elder Fraga, Elder Brown

From here on, I'll let the missionary moms decide who is who.  I may go through this post another time and put names on each picture.  For tonight, I think that's it!

Oh.  One last caption.  Here's Elder McGrath, one of the trainers.  He pitched in to the bitter end helping to do dishes and clean up the kitchen.  Thanks Elder McGrath!  Elder McGrath came to the mission two days after LeRon and I did.