Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 2017 Missionary Departures

We get really close to the missionaries and are sad when they leave the mission.  Some of them we may never see again in this life.  I'm so grateful for the Plan of Happiness provided by our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.  Because of that Plan, we know that we will mingle together in the next life.  I'm so grateful that there IS a next life.  I know that in the eternities I will see my parents and LeRon's parents and others who have passed on -- and all of the wonderful friends we've associated with in this life.  So even though we say goodbye to these missionaries, we know we will see them some day.

Elder Rasmussen (left) and Elder Warenga (second from left) were at the mission home for transfers.  Just passing through to a new area.  Elder Soita and Sister Njoroge (on right) were here for their exit dinner -- both going home from their missions.  Be sure to see my previous post with videos of Elder Rasmussen singing "Consider the Lilies of the Field."

Elder Mwaja (left) and Elder Hales (right) are going home this transfer.  They will be missed.  We worked with Elder Hales in the office for nearly a year when he served as an Assistant to the President.  He will be missed!!  Elder Mwashi (center) is now serving as an Assistant so we get to work with him on a regular basis.  Elder Mwaja is going home to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  He will be missed too!

Elder Pavik (left) is going home and Elder Christensen (Charles -- there are two Elder Christensens) is passing through on transfers.  Elder Christensen stayed with us at our flat on his first night in the mission when he was a brand new missionary.

Elder Chenani (left) is passing through on transfers.  Elder Mwaja (right) is going home.

Elder Christensen and Elder Jack are grabbing some food on their way to their new areas.

Elder Hales has done a LOT of dishes in the year that he served as an Assistant.  So . . . one more time to do dishes.

Sister Njoroge helping with dishes.  So nice when the missionaries help.

Singing time again.  Returning missionaries: Elder Soita, Elder Pavik, Elder Hales.

Elder Rasmussen, Elder Mwashi, Elder Warenga

Sister Njoroge, Elder Ellis, Elder Mwaja

Elder Pavik, Elder Hales, Elder Rasmussen doing the actions for "Book of Mormon Stories".

Departing missionaries:  Elder Mwaja, Elder Hales, Elder Pavik, Elder Soita, Sister Njoroge.  You will be missed!

Departing missionaries now joined by President and Sister Msane.

Departing missionaries in their mission T-shirts.  A good looking bunch, I would say!

Go forward, Elders and Sisters!  No looking back!  On with life!

Elder & Sister Torrie with tall Elder Hales.  Elder Hales is the right height to cover up the light with his head!


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