Thursday, September 7, 2017

2017 Mission Tour Nairobi Zone Conference

Elder Palmer of the Quorum of Seventy (and also a counselor in our Africa Southeast Area) is touring our mission with his wife, Sister Palmer.  We had a choice day with them as they spoke to missionaries in Nairobi.  They are now traveling to all places in the mission.  It will be a hectic week for them as they fly here and fly there and drive to other places.  They will have to have a good rest when they get back to Johannesburg, South Africa.  But as my mother always used to say, "There's no rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any."  Ha ha.  Elder and Sister Palmer are two very good people and we were privileged to be with them.  Sister Palmer was born in the UK and Elder Palmer in New Zealand.  Was great to visit with them.

Elder Lotulelei with a prospective missionary a couple of days before the zone conference.

We met up with these KNM returned missionaries:  Sister Mayoli, Sister Atieno, Sister Njoroge J, and Sister Omo.  Hardly recognized them without their name tags.  We also saw Sister Maina but didn't get a picture of her.  Aren't they lovely young ladies?

We got to host Elder McIntyre and Elder Jameson the night before the Zone Conference.  Fun to get to know them a little better.  They were starving (as all missionaries are) and I happened to have some taco soup in the freezer and they wolfed it down.  They were also happy to have delicious milk and chocolate syrup and Nestles strawberry mix.  Yeah for Carrefour here in Nairobi.  We can get things they can't get out in the Kilungu Hills.

Happy Elder McIntyre and Elder Jameson -- their tummies are full!

Sister Msane is trying to get all the missionaries gathered for a picture with Elder and Sister Palmer.  Chaos reigns!

Now Sister Palmer (left) and Sister Msane (right) are both trying to arrange things.  Elder & Sister Lillywhite and Elder Torrie and me were not able to be in the picture.  Sister Lillywhite and I were taking pictures and the men were out hobnobbing somewhere.

Ah . . . silence reigns. . . . and everyone can be seen.  Back L-R:  Elder Harrott, Elder Mukengela, Elder Jameson, Elder Wilson, Elder Limu, Elder Brown, Elder Card, Elder McIntyre, Elder Cotts, Elder Otika, Elder McGrath, Elder Kyomya, Elder Tucker, Elder Mwashi, Elder Nyanhamo, Elder Somniso, Elder Ochieng, Elder Soita.  Second row L--R: Elder Latta, Elder Merz, Elder Carlson, Elder Mbaya, Sister Msane, President Msane, Elder Palmer, Sister Palmer, Elder Coombs, Elder Akpu, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Ellis, Elder Kiio, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Agesa, Elder Hales.  Seated L-R:  Sister Auma, Sister Acii, Sister Mbatha, Sister Okila, Sister Kiio, Sister Bamutesiza, Sister Masibo, Sister Matata, Sister Dhaima.  Oh my goodness WHERE are Elder Manu-tuinei and Elder Breidenbaugh???  They must have needed a pit stop.  Sad that they are not in the picture.

Left side:  Elder Kyomya, Sister Matata, Sister Dhaima.  Right side: Sister Bamutesiza, Sister Auma, Elder Cotts.
Sister Dhaima, Sister Masibo, Sister Mbatha, Elder Cotts, Sister Auma.

Elder Mwashi, Elder Ochieng, Elder Soita

Sister Kiio, Sister Okila, Elder Otika

Elder Nyanhamo, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Somniso

Elder Limu, Elder Latta

Elder Limu and Elder Latta with Elder and Sister Palmer

Elder Akpu, Elder Coombs, Elder Merz

Ah, here's the missing Elder Manu-tuinei with Elder Ellis

Elder Kiio and Elder McIntyre (with his Scottish tie).

Elder McIntyre, Elder Hales, Elder Lotulelei, Elder Agesa

Elder Agesa, Elder Lotulelei (in back), Elder Wilson, the missing Elder Breidenbaugh.

Elder Hales and Elder Agesa:  brothers!

Elder Wilson and Elder Breidenbaugh eating with VERY BAD MANNERS!!!

That's a bit better, Elder Wilson and Elder Breidenbaugh

Elder McGrath, Elder Jameson

Elder Brown, Elder Card, Elder Harrott

Elder Mukengela and Elder Tucker (oh my!)

Elder Carlson, Elder Mbaya

Elder Hales, Elder Lotulelei

Elder Kiio, Elder Akpu, Elder Coombs

Sister Lillywhite and Sister Palmer

Had to get my Canadians together for a picture.  WHAT is going on, Elder Wilson and Elder Card?  L-R: Elder Wilson from Toronto, Elder Latta from Calgary, Elder Card from Cardston, Elder Coombs from Edmonton.

Canadian missionaries are kind of special, don't you think?  Just missing Elder Le Cheminant from Airdrie.  And Elder & Sister Torrie of course.

Elder Harrott, Elder Carlson

Elder Harrott, Elder Merz, Elder Carlson

Elder Brown, Elder Mwashi, Elder Otika, Elder Ochieng, Elder Soita

Elder Otika, Elder Nyanhamo, Elder Ochieng, Elder Tucker, Elder Mukengela, Elder Agesa in front.

Elder Limu, Elder Kyomya

Elder Merz, Elder Gimeyi, Elder Otika

Elder McGrath and Sister Palmer
This history of the Church in Kenya was posted in the Upper Hill chapel.  Very interesting and very up-to-date with the announcement of the Nairobi Temple in April of this year.

The two senior couples here in Nairobi (us -- Elder Torrie and me -- and Elder & Sister Lillywhite) and President and Sister Msane spent the evening together at Tamambo's restaurant with Elder & Sister Palmer.  It was a very choice experience to get to know the Palmers.  They are a lovely couple and you could feel that Elder Palmer truly is called of God to help lead the Church as a member of the Quorum of the Seventy.  We learned that the Area Presidencies are the only presidencies in the church in which the president does not choose the counselors.  All Area Presidencies are by assignment of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.  We loved getting to know the Palmers.
Sister Msane had a special treat for each person.  She had thought of a saying to write for each person and had the chefs prepare a special dessert plate for each.  So sweet of her.  Literally sweet!  The chocolate writing was delicious!!

Sister Msane knows that I don't eat many sweet things anymore but she still had something special for me.  She is a lovely person and I love her as my sister!  We always tell people that we are sisters but from different mothers.  I've said that to some children and they look at us like we're nuts!


  1. Oh, how funny - I just barely skimmed over his conference talk from April this morning! "And Jesus, beholding him, loved him." What fun that you got to meet them.

  2. How neat to meet and spend some time with the Palmers! I'm E. Jameson's mom, thank you for feeding him! ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm so grateful for all you do!!

  3. I happened on your blog while look up info for the Nairobi mission office! I am a nurse in Utah and will be coming out to do some humanitarian work in Kenya! Would love some info and suggestions about security from someone actually living there if you have any time! Thanks!
    Lisa Nielson