Thursday, April 22, 2021

Fun Fantasy for Fantasy Fans!

Just wanted to point you to a brand-new author -- our cousin's daughter, who is like a niece to us -- Shannon Monson (aka S.C. Monson).  If you like clean fantasy, this young adult novel (ages 10-18) may be just the thing!  I have pre-ordered Badgerblood: Awakening on Kindle and will be getting it on April 23.  I'm excited to read this novel in my limited spare time here on our mission for our church in Sweden!  It's also available in paperback.

You can check out Shannon's website at She and her husband have made a fun website. I love the picture of Shannon with her cute little dimple that you can see if you click on "About Us."

You can also read about her new book here:

When you get to that page, you can click on Read More. The book is also available at

Here's a bit from the author: Badgerblood: Awakening is the first book in a new YA fantasy series. It is a tale of adventure, peril, and perseverance with plenty of humor and intrigue and a sprinkle of magic and romance. The world is full of strange creatures and unique vegetation, and brimming with a wide assortment of characters ranging from tyrannical to quietly heroic.

And here's some praise from early readers:

“Badgerblood is full of intrigue, magic, and adventure. I found it difficult to put down and could hardly wait to see what new pursuits befell Kor. If you enjoyed reading books like John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice or Brandon Mull's Fablehaven you'll enjoy Badgerblood. S.C. Monson's writing style captivates the reader from the beginning, leaving the reader wanting more. I look forward to reading future Badgerblood books.”
—Coreen H.

“Badgerblood was a fun read from start to finish. S.C. Monson has done a great job crafting an original fantasy novel with rich descriptions and a gripping plot. With Badgerblood’s plot woven around an original fairytale, S.C. Monson's writing style reminds me of Megan Whalen Turner. Shannon's writing flows well and is full of witty dialogue.”
—Michelle R.

“There are many fantastic ideas in this book, from innovative details in world design to interesting plot twists. Written for young adults but entertaining for all, Badgerblood…created an effortless movie in my head. Filled with intrigue, it kept me engaged all the way to the end—and beyond! I can't wait for the next book!”
—Michelle E.

Happy reading!


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