Saturday, August 5, 2017

Merry Missionaries at MLC

All missionaries in Kenya are hunkering down in our flats for the next few days as we await the national elections on August 8.  We hope and pray that all will be peaceful.

LeRon and I enjoyed, as we always do, being with the missionaries at the monthly MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week.  Sister Msane cooked a delicious meal and I provided the brownies for dessert.  Then as is tradition, we spent an hour singing together.  And can these missionaries ever sing!  The spirit is very strong as they sing the lovely Primary songs and the great hymns of Zion.

I've put some videos of the missionaries singing at the end.  Stay tuned.

Our neighbor, Sammy, is running for some kind of city position in the upcoming election.  Fun to see his vehicle plastered with his photos.  He drives around the city blaring rock music for all to hear!

This gorgeous rose is growing right near our flat.  It was about at the 6-foot level so I had to really zoom in to take the picture.  The rose bush itself was 10 feet tall!

Elder Kiio, Sister Shanya, Sister Okila at MLC

Elder Chenani, Elder Kiio
That's quite a smile, Elder Cotts!  Looks like one happy missionary!
Sister Maina will be released next week.  We will miss her!

Elder Mwanziu has a cute smile too!

As does Elder Lotulelei

And Elder Agesa

Elder Estheimer with a Palestianian keffiyah.  Forgot to ask him why he has a keffiyah.  Elder Torrie and I have been to the Holy Land 5 times and we have several keffiyahs.  The black and white ones are Palestinian and the red and white ones are Jordanian.  We love the Holy Land.  We have driven the length and breadth of Israel and absolutely love it.  And Jordan too.  Jordan is a lovely country with lovely people.

Elder Torrie asked who wanted to sing and they all did!  Elder Musonda, Elder Mahanzu, Elder Chenani, Elder Mwanziu

Elder Wambua and Elder Agesa

Elder Merritt and Elder Soita

New Sister Mbaki from DR Congo with Sister Omo.  Sister Mbaki speaks French and her English is coming.  I enjoyed visiting with her and speaking a bit of French.  We will be getting about 10 French speaking Congolese between now and Christmas.  Fun.

Elder Hales, Elder Egbert, Elder Estheimer

Elder Wambua, Elder Merritt, Elder Soita

Elder Mahanzu, Elder Mwanziu.  How is that for names that are alike?  You have to be careful to be sure you're talking to the person you think you are (at least on the phone)

Elder Egbert, Elder Estheimer, Elder Mwashi.  Don't you love that smile of Elder Mwashi's?

Elder Le Cheminant and Elder Ellis.  Elder Le Cheminant was pleased that Sister Mbaki, being French speaking, knew how to pronounce his name correctly.

Elder Pavik and Elder Rasmussen singing with Elder Musonda conducting and Elder Torrie playing.  Fun!

I got to be in the picture with sweet Sister Omo and tall Elder Pavik.

Now we're joined by Elder Rasmussen.

Oh my.  Look at the faces!

That's better!

Elder Mahanzu and Elder Rasmussen in back.  Sister Omo, Sister Torrie, Elder Pavik in front.