Sunday, June 5, 2016

One Hour to go 6 Kilometers!

Traffic is getting increasingly worse.  Not sure why.  Two days last week it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the mission office, which is about 10 kilometers from where we live.  It took 1 hour to go 6 kilometers on Friday!!  Good thing we have a CD player in the car.  We've been listening to General Conference and to good music.  Sometimes I fall asleep!

A cute little "Thrift Shop" we always pass on our way to the mission office.

Lots of hat sellers along the route!  So far all I've bought (besides bananas) is a "mosquito racket."  It looked like a kid's badminton racket and that's what I thought it was for a long time.  But it's got a symbol of electricity on it, and sure enough, it's an electric mosquito swatter!  I bought one but haven't needed to use it yet.

Workers, both male and female, cut the grass between the two lanes of traffic with metal sticks.  These people were "mowing" all this huge area of grass by hand!  We see that a lot.

Here's a closer view of the mowing crew.  We took it out our window so didn't want to zoom in too much.
Here's the traffic backed up for 6 kilometers!!!  The buses are painted in bright colors.  The matatu on the right, besides carrying passengers, carries barrels for water.  Notice the passenger with his arm out.  Passengers (or drivers) often put their arms out to signal their intent to change lanes.  People will then let them in.  Very courteous drivers.  And the bus is wanting to change lanes too.

Cute bus!  The lion is king!

I was waiting for Elder Torrie to do some business at this mall.  When people see our name tags, they often stop to visit.  Our name tags have our names as well as the name of our church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."  They often will talk to us about how they love Jesus Christ and we affirm that we do too.  So this young man stopped to talk to me and he showed me the thing (for lack of a better word) around his neck which said "Come Unto Christ."  So I asked him which church he belonged to and he said, "I belong to YOUR church!"  Sure enough, he was a member of about three years and had just received his mission call to serve in Ghana.  Behind us is his family's shop.  He's the only member in his family and he helps to run this shop so he can earn money for his mission.  We bought something from his shop and he was so pleased and said, "Oh good.  Now I can buy a shirt for my mission."  He told us that he "wants to be self-reliant so he can pay for his mission."  Very impressive young man.  His nickname is Happy and he indeed is a happy young man.


  1. So interesting. Thanks, Colleeen, for taking the time (and pictures) to document your adventures

  2. The traffic sounds crazy! Do you just want to get out and walk? BTW, I think the thing around the young man's neck is called a lanyard. :)