Sunday, April 24, 2016

First Week at The Missionary Training Center

Our first week at the Missionary Training Center here in Provo Utah has been intense.  Our young returned missionary instructors were excellent and enthusiastic teachers.  Our poor old brains had information overload.  By the end of the eight hours a day we were ready for bed!!  But we are more prepared to go out into the world to witness of the reality of our Savior Jesus Christ and the good news of the gospel.
Here's Elder Torrie in our room at the MTC.  The senior missionaries all live on one floor of a secured building that is like a hotel except it's much brighter and lighter with lots of overhead lights.  Very pleasant to study in as well as to live in.  The MTC is secured with fences and 24 hr/day security guards.  Each building is also secure and you have to swipe your card to enter.  So glad that the hundreds of young men and young women who are here are perfectly safe.  It's a good feeling. 
Please don't get the idea that we are all worried for our safety. It's just nice to know that no harm can come to the sweet young sister missionaries who come from all over the world to learn languages, teaching techniques and gospel principles

Elder Torrie looking great among the beautiful flowers at the MTC.  You can tell that it's me, Sister Torrie, writing this blog since all of the pictures are of my sweet companion, Elder Torrie.  We call each other Elder and Sister.  In the church, we call each other brother and sister since we are all children of God.

Gorgeous tulips with the sunlight shining through. 

Ta Da!  Here are Elder and Sister Torrie.  Happy to be companions 24 hrs/day seven days a week.  We'll be leaving next week for training in Johannesburg, South Africa and then we will head to Nairobi, Kenya.  Looking forward to it and excited to serve the Lord in Kenya.